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ERIC WAHLIN - Head MMA Instructor, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai coach

Former "The Ultimate Fighter 17" combatant, Eric boasts a 7-2 professional MMA record and has been coach to some of Utah's best fighters. He is a two-time state champion wrestler in high school and an S7 Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Division champion. Eric also happens to be, objectively, the friendliest MMA fighter in the world.

Don't be fooled by his gentle demeanor or calming entrance music ("Dust in the Wind"), Eric is known for knocking pro combatants out in under 20-seconds. Eric is pumped to teach you everything he has learned in his 20-years experience in the sport.

TIM CARROLL - Head Boxing instructor

Tim has been fascinated with the sport of boxing his entire life. A golden-glove boxing state champion with 59 amateur boxing matches, Tim is now unquestionably the best bag man in the state, and has the ability to make the most novice boxers look like pros while still maintaining the ability to turn pros into champions.

Tim will teach you everything you need to know about boxing: Starting from the basics like stance, jab, cross, hook, duck, slip and roll to the more advance skills like moving your opponent into a corner, counter-punching and how to string the basics of the sport together to become a well-rounded boxer.

Phil Gephardt - Head CrossFit Instructor, MMA, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, CrossFit and Muay Thai instructor

Phil has been fascinated with athletics for his entire life. In high school Phil excelled in wrestling where he started his life long obsession with lifting weights. In college he was a weight room supervisor and became a personal trainer, procuring certificates in both ACE & NASCM. Following college, Phil worked as a Sports Manager for Royal Caribbean. While with Royal Caribbean, Phil developed his passion for CrossFit, and became CrossFit certified. After 5 years of sailing the ocean, Phil decided to follow his dream of opening a gym, which is when he opened Factum, in 2013.