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What is Cardio Kickboxing?

At Factum Cardio Kickboxing we are going to KICK YOUR BUTT by having you kick our bags! Cardio kickboxing is a non-contact KB class where you will learn the technique that's involved in muay thai kickboxing and then put your skills to the test as you whoop on some bag combined with some grueling calisthenics, plyometrics and other aerobic activities. Coming to this class even a few times a week and you will become a stone-cold striker before you know it. Every class lasts about 1-hour.

What you need to bring?

For your first class come in clothes you are comfortable sweating in, because you will. You are also welcome to bring wrist wraps if you'd like. The gym does provide wrist wraps, but if you plan on making kickboxing part of your life, we recommend investing in some of your own. These can be purchased at our gym, or at most sporting goods stores.

Why you should try Cardio Kickboxing at Factum?

Factum Cardio Kickboxing isn't your 1990's "Billy Blanks" version of a fitness fight made for late-night informercials. After your first class you'll be wondering why you haven't been doing these amazing workouts more often through the years. Cardio KB is never boxing, it's a challenge in stamina, technique and focus. It's also great for time-pressed individuals looking to lose weight fast. In as little as 30-minutes, you can expect to burn more calories than in your average step-class or pilates class.

What can you expect? This is fast paced class that will get you sweating. The workout fuses together kicking, punching, elbowing and kneeing that will keep the body moving in ways you didn't know possible. Like anything in life, expect to not be very good at first, but just like anything you are novice in to begin with, you will begin to pick up combinations by the end of your first class, and within a month you will be able to string your stirkes together as if you have been doing this your entire life. And while one of the instructors is drilling the group, Tim, our in-house Golden-Glove State Champion will be pulling you out to work one-on-one with some mitt work, and truly breaking down your technique. As you learn to make your body more fluid with striking, the techniques get easier, so you can start to pick up the pace more as you continue to come.

Is cardio kickboxing right for you? Of course it is! Are you a beginner? Well guess what, so was everybody once. You sucked at walking too until you figured that out, then at the age of 2 you figured out that running thing and your body has been begging for what the next step is, it's kickboxing. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but Kickboxing is definitely right for you. No experience is necessary for you to come in and GET BETTER!. Expect to burn about 500-800 calories, and expect to NOT GET BORED! Just come ready to work and if your having a bad day, all the more reason to come in and punch something. Call it the anti-yoga, instead of calming the soul, we are going to punch the soul out of the bag!