For years wrestling has been struggling with it’s identity. Singlets are ugly, archaic, are easy to make fun of and leaves no appeal for the masses. For this reason wrestling needs to change not simply at the Olympic level, but at every level from little league, high school, college and beyond.
These Paleo lamb burgers were fan-effing-tastic. Cavemen, make this meal for that special someone in your life and I promise that the 30 minutes you spend will be repaid in spades.
Competition in life makes you a better person, it is what the American society, and the world thrives best on. If you are trying to better yourself than it is most likely because you are trying to be the best YOU. It's time we stop giving out participation medals, and seeking goals that are difficult to obtain. ?
Today was a fantastic example of why CrossFit competition is so necessary for one to achieve their best mental-strength in athletic competition and it drew a parallel to a story I heard in grade school about Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile.