Fallon Fox is a male-born transgender, who has recently had surgery to hormonally, legally and physically switch her gender from male to female. While this is not the forum or the article to address the merits/morality/legality of surgically changing your own body, I would like to address the legality of the fact that she has fought in MMA and would like to continue to do so. The debate lies in whether this is fair to her opponents, and if it raises major safety issues.
Come support Factum Boxing's Pride and Joy Tim Carroll, who will be fighting in a professional bout against Pat Reeves of Ogden.
If I were a man who had recently skirted by a jury after murdering a child, I would probably lay low, stay out of the limelight. This is not the case for George Zimmerman, who has allegedly accepted a pay-per-view boxing match against former average rapper DMX
In honor of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in Sochi Russia tonight, I am taking this opportunity to write about the merits and likelihood of Mixed Martial Arts becoming an Olympic Sport. The early-2000’s brought a meteoric rise in popularity to MMA, and since then, I have often heard a calling amongst MMA enthusiasts for it to be made an Olympic sport. Proponents will point to it’s globalness, popularity and history, while also drooling over the chance to see a knockout style tournament reminiscent of the movie “Warrior”. On the other hand detractors will point to the sports violent nature, recovery time needed for fighters, no governing body and a lack of quality amatuer presence.
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