I got an interesting question during a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class the other day, and I truly did not know how to answer it. The question was “What would be different about MMA if the bout happened in zero-gravity?
All else equal, in all martial arts, being stronger is better than being weaker. There is no way around this fact, but to what extent will strength training help your jiu jitsu, or your MMA. As is true with most sports, a strong cross-training regimen is important, but not nearly as important as doing the sport itself!
First off, let me clear the air, BJJ is not a striking self-defense, it’s a grappling self-defense. It’s not fighting, so you most certainly will not be “beaten up” on the first day. Any good jiu jitsu school, will open with a warm-up and then go into some technique
CrossFit absolutely works your entire body. CrossFit believes in the fitness methodology "Constantly Varied, high intensity functional movements". What does that mean?
I put a pretty heavy emphasis on using the Martial Arts that have proven effective in the UFC. In my opinion, all martial arts have a place in the world, but because I fight professionally, I feel I need to be versed in the hand-to-hand combat that has proven most effective amongst professionals.