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Top Five Reasons to Grapple in a Street Fight

There are any number of reasons this fight might be hitting the ground, we simply breakdown the top five: drugs, size, superior wrestling, popularity or superior striking.

Reason #1: He’s on drugs!

This is probably the best reason to use jiu-jitsu. If your assailant is high on PCP or methamphetamine's, than your chances of beating this guy with a pain compliance or a head-kick is rendered null. Countless police reports indicate that people on these drugs seem to be able to take multiple bullets in the chest and can still function.

Their heart’s are going a mile-a-minute, and thus they need oxygen to their brain. Cut off the supply of air to the lungs, or the blood streams to the brain, and you’ve bought yourself enough time to walk away (or kill him if you feel it’s necessary). They will be strong on this level on drug, but stay calm and STAY TECHNICAL and you might just find yourself alive in a situation where a kickboxer would probably find himself dead.

Reason #2: There is a chance he’ll take you down and you’ll need your jiu-jitsu

Every era has their go-to tough guy hero. In the 1960’s, every western cowboy wanted to emulate their favorite John Wayne, so the idiots of the era went outside bars going toe-to-toe trading haymakers until someone went down. Kicks, body shots or anything else was considered girly or unfair.

Then the Karate Kid hit the scene, and everyone was suddenly kicking like a girl was the hottest thing since “sliced bread”. But taking someone down and putting them in mount was considered uncouth, and not to be down. Then came the rise of the UFC.

The Gracie’s with their goofy triangle chokes, armbars and guardwork were introducing the world to brazilian jiu-jitsu. Idiots who had no idea what they were doing decided that this was the de facto way to beat someone up, and we have stayed in that era until now. Tough guys are looking for that single-leg, and if he wrestled in high school, there’s a chance he might actually do it, and if he didn’t, he’ll be putting himself in piss-poor position, and you can simply take his back as he’ll be clueless when you administer the muay thai clinch.

Reason #3: He has the size!

Maybe you want to bang with this guy, and that’s okay if you are far more skilled on your feet than him. But what if you’re not? What if this guy possesses way more size, and has taken a wrestling class, or a boxing class. Than chances are, you want to get the fight to the ground.

Does size matter in Jiu Jitsu? Of course, anyone who’s taken a Factum Jiu Jitsu class knows that, but it matters considerably less than it does in other facets of a fight (i.e. Standing). If the guy is clueless on the ground, than an arm-bar or triangle-choke is going to be a piece of cake whether the guy is massive or not. Be sure you know these techniques however before just assuming they will work against that behemoth.

Reason #4: You Might Need to Control Him, Not Beat Him Up

Let’s say you’re fighting a friend, or worse, your in-laws. Beating the poor bastard up isn’t your best option. Getting him to the ground and making your uncle say “Uncle!” might be your best scenario. Kicking him with your muay thai roundhouse kick and shredding him with a Muay Thai clinch is probably the worst thing you can do at this point to win points at the family reunion.

Getting his head to the ground and choking him out, however unpleasant, is the way for your uncle to realize he’s put himself in an inferior position, lost his dignity, but not his orbital bone. Take it easy on the guy!

Reason #5: You’re getting beat on your feet

So what if you have been coming to Factum Jiu Jitsu classes, but for some reason have skipped our boxing, kickboxing or muay thai classes? Then there’s a chance you're getting hit in the face more than you’d like to be. An underhook might be in your cards, or even a double-leg takedown.

Now, don’t forget the takedowns we’ve taught you in here, otherwise, taking some damage might also be in the cards for you.

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