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Tess Waresmith - This place is awesome. The instructors are cool. Everyone's so nice but they kick your butt too. As a women I've loved learning to defend myself in a comfortable environment. And you CAN'T beat the price. Its only $50 bucks and you can do unlimited crossfit and unlimited MMA. If you're looking for a new gym this is it. You totally won't regret it!

Tess Waresmith Olympic Lifting

Chris Cundey - I have been to a lot of MMA gyms and have done boxing, jiu jitsu, muay thai, and wrestling. This place is my favorite out of all of the gyms. The instructors are way awesome, plus they are professional MMA fighters. The other side of the gym is where they crossfit. Their workouts are tough, but I already feel like I am getting in really awesome shape. Plus, there is ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE else that can beat this price. I recommend this gym for the peeps wanting to learn to MMA or to just get in some awesome crossfit workouts.

Adon Jimenez - This is a great gym. The Crossfit workouts will push you to your limit and beyond, helping you reach new heights of fitness. The mixed martial arts coaches do an excellent job of walking you through the fundamentals helping you make basic movements more instinct than thoughts. Things like Muay Thai and jiu jitsu will become second nature making this an mma location for all levels of fighters.

Jude Herath - Factum is by far the best all-around gym in salt lake county!! (and I’ve been to most of the gyms around here). If you want to get into shape and push yourself, this is the place for you. Workouts are tough but the trainers really care about your goals and you WILL see major improvement in your fitness in days! Phil and Eric are professional trainers who will teach you proper technique (whether it’s Crossfit or MMA) and will make sure you’re motivated while doing it! So if you’re looking for that gym where everybody knows your name, genuinely cares about your needs and have an amazing workout at the same time (and all that for the best price in the area!), Factum is for you!

Belamy Jimenez - Love this place. It's a great environment to workout in, everyone here is so friendly. Ever since I started working out at Factum I have been able to do things I never thought I could do. I definitely recommend this place.

Cameron Crayk - I had hit a wall in my health and fitness goals and Factum helped me blast through it. Great trainers who focus on technique and constant improvement. Fun and challenging atmosphere with legit equipment! Come in and check it out...you won't be disappointed.

Lindsay Ford - I love working out at Factum. The price is unbeatable but I keep going back because of how non intimidated and comfortable I feel there. The instructors break down moves you are supposed to be doing and explain them in a way that beginners understand. They will push you to help you achieve your goals but cheer you on when you feel you can't go any further. I have been doing the boxing and crossfit classes and it's nice that there are other girls there to partner up with when you need someone around your size. I high recommend Factum to anyone looking to get in shape or try something new.

Nicole Sharp - Factum has been an exciting and new change to my workout routine. Everyone here is so encouraging and always helping push you to reach your goals! I have reached goals and pushed through them thanks to the help of Phil and all the other individuals here at Factum. I can't thank Factum enough for progress I have made this far! Join now and you won't regret it!

Shawn Sharp - I have been thoroughly impressed with the facility and environment at Factum. I started a little more than a month ago with no experience with weights. Not only did the owner help with every aspect of weight lifting but the people who go there are always willing to help and encourage me and everyone else on. This is not like the big box gym where you go in and ignore all the people around you. No, this is a place where everyone is helping everyone and you can believe me it has been very helpful to be encouraged and to encourage those around.If you afraid of weights, don't be, and just come in and check it out. At the least give it one day, I'm sure you will be hooked.

Morgan Kirkland - I love this gym! The owner is amazing and the trainers are amazing! They really show support and care about each member reaching their goals in fitness. All the members encourage one another and push each other to their limit. I love this gym, and the price is unbeatable. You truly will get the results you want from this gym!

Jordan Marriott - Fun and Results driven I gave myself a 6 month goal to stick with and my body has been chiseled and molded. I believe if it wasnt so fun I may not have allowed myself to continue doing crossfit and just know their Martial Arts side of the gym is top notch and as a professional Athlete have made major improvements to my game and @ the price their charging it was the cheapest crossfit gym around with the best quality in my opinion. Thanks for all you do staff, truly improved my life by going to Factum....which apparently means achievement haha.

Scarlett Latour - I love Factum! I love the trainers, they're amazing and always make sure that you are reaching the goals you want to reach. They push you past your limit and out of your comfort zone, and thats what we need now a days. I'm really proud to be a member of this gym. This place is the place to go if you need motivation and drive. All the members encourage one another so we can push a little harder each time! Love this gym, and i'll be apart of it for as long as I can(:

Eric Lemmert - If you are looking for a great place to workout, this is the place. The facility is clean and filled with all the equipment you could need. The staff is very knowledgeable and supportive. The other members of the gym are all friendly and a blast to workout with. For the price and what you can get out of the gym; CrossFit, MMA, and any results that will happen. You really can't beat it. I have made more gains and improvements than I ever expected here. All in all this place is great and definitely worth checking out.

Josh Anthian - I have been going to this gym for almost a month now and am more then pleased with the outcome. I have much more stamina, endurance, and strength. Its also great to be able to do crossfit and MMA at the same gym with only the one monthly payment (which is a low reasonable price)!!!

Ahmed Ali - Went to one class so far but they did really good job training people. Everyone is super friendly and supportive not to mentions its only 50 a month... cant beat that! also unlike other crossfit where you commit to one specific time and can only show at this one time. Factum understands the diffuculty of that method and knows lifes unpredictable so they let you take classes any time you want. Also they offer other classes that you can partake in as well!

Daniel Featherston -Both the MMA and Crossfit training are TOP NOTCH! Haven't found a better place to train in the entire valley!!!

Andrea Wood - These guys are so good. They have the knowledge to work with serious athletes and the patience to work with beginners in fitness. You can't beat the price and you get a great workout in each session. They provide a challenging routine and inviting atmosphere.

David Bates - I love going to this gym. The instructors are quite knowledgeable and they're real down to earth people. With your monthly subscription, it's all unlimited. Unlimited MMA AND Crossfit, in whatever combination you want. And the only person who will hold you back is you. The programs are designed as such that you'll progress as fast as you want to. In short: Great people, great programs, great price. I know I won't go anywhere else.

Brian Hudson - I've trained at several different MMA gyms and I have looked at a lot more. This is by far the best deal I have ever found on an MMA gym. They have Quality Boxing Classes with real boxing drills and instructors that are cool, down to earth and very knowledgeable that take the time to personally work with everyone in the class to break down and improve our technique. There are great No Gi Jiu jitsu classes several times a week and a bunch of Crossfit classes 6 days a week. Unlimited classes with NO contracts!! I also haven't seen any egos at this gym. Everyone I've met seems cool and respectful.